04 | 03 | 2021
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SQL Access Advisor

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SQL Access Advisor




Note you need an additional licence in order to use the SQL Access Advisor

You can use the SQL Access Advisor through the GUI Oracle Enterprise Manager or through the command line ( DBMS_ADVISOR ). Using the SQL Tuning through the command line can become complicated so the preferred tool is the GUI.

The SQL Access Advisor is an 10G utility - a built in engine - to analyse the access path and to advice database design improvements.


1. The input source is a SQL statement or a SQL Tuning Set ( STS )

2. A possible additional input for the SQL Access are Workloads which can be partial or full. The purpose of the workload is obviously to feed the SQL Access Advisor with the appropriate database (work)load statistics. Hence the recommendations - which is the output of the SQL Access Advisor - can be based on this (work)load.

The Workload itself can have the below listed input sources

1. A SQL Tuning Set ( STS )

2. A user workload which "picks" the workload data up from a table. This table has a specific structure.

3. The actual SQL Cache

4. A hypothetical workload defined on dimensions